Napoleon Hill’s Greatest Speeches

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Categories: self-development

Overview of Napoleon Hill s Greatest Speeches Book. Includes the speech that inspired the international bestseller Think and Grow Rich - An Official Publication of The Napoleon Hill Foundation From the archives: Never before published writings by Napoleon Hill. Packed with a wealth of information, this book is a collection of gripping speeches by Napoleon Hill that have stayed fresh through time. This compilation is a revealing look at one man s quest for understanding why some men succeed, why others do not and what makes success something that can be replicated. It includes some of his greatest speeches such as What I Have Learned From Analyzing 10,000 People, The Man Who Has Had No Chance and The Commencement Address at Salem College in Salem, West Virginia, 1922 which was his best-remembered and most influential speech. Napoleon Hill dedicated much of his life to solving what he called the most stupendous problem confronting the human race today . The pages within this book will tell you of the origins of a personal development legacy.

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